Good decisions,

better choices,

and high-impact

interventions to

solve wicked problems.

Moving parts 
Opposing interests 
Irrational decisions 
and high stakes 
make wicked problems hard.

We are WiqueD

A consulting team that designs and implements simple, efficient solutions for highly complex challenges.

our method

We love

solving problems

By employing an unbiased perspective, based on data and evidence, we strip the problems down to their core. Our framework centers on identifying and understanding stakeholder motivation.

We use different tools to propose strategies, design solutions, and test them on the field.

Together with our real-life experience, we propose decision-makers pragmatic tactics as part of a grand strategy to generate meaningful impact.

“Obstacles may surface in different settings. They may hinder complex negotiations, obstruct the implementation of a program, or generate rejection from your end-user.

We combine existing and proven strategies to go through or around these obstacles. We help organizations and individuals take a step back, regroup and then overcome these obstacles!”

Jorge Ignacio Gross Brown


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