areas of expertise

What we do . . .

. . . In projects / deep change

Using data + behavioral insights + design thinking and project management tools, we unleash change in adverse settings.
We can lead a specific project to help you solve a problem, make a better product or reach out to more people with better services for your users.

Strategic ally: We can help you solve a problem for others within an ongoing project or challenge.

Assessments: We can prepare preliminary assessments of potential projects and advise on best delivery options throughout rolling out and implementation stages.

. . . In Negotiations

We identify stakeholders, evaluate negotiating parties’ opposing interests, and design a negotiation strategy (roadmap) setting an aspiration price (ceiling), a reservation price (floor), and a BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement) for the negotiator.

We can act as negotiators or assist a negotiator appointed by the client to deploy preestablished tactics using behavioral insights to unlock the negotiation process.

. . . In Board Rooms

We can act as counsel to Boards of Directors, CEO’s, Ministers, Advisory Boards and other decision makers for strategic decision making.

By using an adaptive leadership approach, our team can help decision makers adopt a neutral and unbiased perspective when making an important decision, shedding light on hidden angles they may not have taken into account.

“Tenth man”: we can also act as a sounding board to review key strategic decisions in your organization. By interacting from a dissenting opinion, decision makers may find “holes” in their strategies.

. . . in Organizations

By understanding shared values, we help bring people together transforming organizations or movements from the bottom up to work together towards a common goal and achieve better results.

Local context matters. We help others reach out to local communities through our experienced social connectors.